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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to purchase your software, what payment option do you accept?

We accept payment using Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

2. Is the purchase price a one-time fee?

The software purchase is a one-time fee and you can use the software thereafter.

3. Does the software come with an installer?

Yes, the installer is included for an easier and faster installation of the software.

4. What else I need after purchasing the software?

You need to have a domain name and hosting account to install the software.

5. I don't have a domain yet. Can I still purchase the software?

Yes! You can purchase the software now and register your domain name later.

6. How soon will I receive my download information after purchasing?

You will receive your download information shortly after your payment confirmed.

7. Is your software encoded?

Yes, the PHP files are encoded using ionCube, but the template files (HTML, CSS, and JS) are not encoded.

8. Can I change the design of my site?

Yes, you can change your site design. If you familiar with HTML and CSS files you can change them. The software is template based and the template files are not encoded.

9. Can I install and use one software license on two or more domains?

No. One software license valid for one domain name. If you want to install and use the software on different domain names, you need to purchase an additional license for every other domain.

10. Do I get support with my purchase?

Yes, you will get support. There is also community support available. We do not provide a manual for the software, the configuration is straightforward. If you need assistance to configure your marketing plan, we also offer paid service for it.

11. What type of issues does support cover?

Our support team will assist with initial software installation, general questions related to the software and technical errors encountered during the normal use of the software through the SupportDesk.

12. Can I purchase extended support?

Yes, you can purchase extended support anytime when you need it before your existing support periods expires.

13. Can I change the domain license some day later?

Generally, you need to purchase a new license for your new domain name (the discount offer available for additional licenses), but for some exceptional reasons, you can transfer your existing license to a different domain with an additional fee (25% of the initial license cost).

14. If I do not like my software, can I get out money back?

All purchases are final and are not subject to money back. For more information, please read terms and conditions.

15. What should I do if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us.