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1. Moneytizer v3.0 Released

The new version of Moneytizer v3.0 is available now.

This version is a maintenance update for the previous version, the codes have cleaned and we add some option and fix all the known bugs.

If you have the previous version, you can download it from your member area. If you do not have the license, you can order it here at low cost.


Thank you,


2 Apr 2019

2. Moneytizer v2.0 Released

We are excited to announce that the new version 2.0 is available now.

Here are some changes on this version:

  • add auto-update rate option for bitcoin fee from the fixed amount in USD
  • add additional instructions on the payment page and add more details added for payee info
  • multi-languages addon updated to fix the image path issue
  • add payment verification options for auto-approval donation
  • update IP to country database
  • add an option to disallow registration from the same IP address
  • update member site thumbnail
  • some other updates and improvements

Download this latest version from your member area.


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4 Dec 2017

3. New Version Available

New updated version is available now, it's a maintenance version to fix the missing options and also updated and optimized some files.

This new version available to download from member area.


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21 Jun 2017

4. Support Channel

We are now working to provide a support system to handle support question and request. Make sure you have active support level to benefit from it.


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7 Mar 2017